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Miss Mukhopadhaya's quality practice is reflected in the feedback given from patients across her specialties.  Some testimonials are attached here.

"I have been exceptionally lucky to have been partnered with Dr Mukhopadaya, she is and should be the bar at which you grade other consultants. She has a caring and friendly nature that assured me that I was in safe hands. I feel my health and wellbeing has drastically improved as a result of her care. Thank you!! Xx Patient had endometriosis surgery October 2020


"Miss Mukhopadhaya was absolutely brilliant. Calm and clear, easy to talk to and so reassuring. I can't thank her enough.” Hysterectomy patient- February 2020

“Neela was extremely empathetic from the first day that I met her. She understood my concerns and explained each part of my treatment thoroughly.”  December 2019


“Very empathetic and comforting, so caring and I wanted to give her the biggest hug for being so wonderful" Spire Harpenden October 2019

"I want to thank you for sorting the polyp and making this miracle happen for us and taking good care of me when I felt hopeless" Pregnant patient June 2018

"After several miscarriages, it is your positivity and support that helped us achieve our beautiful baby" February 2018


"Thank you for our beautiful baby, our deepest thanks"

September 2017

"Thank you so much for your compassionate care and attention. I have been in the best of hands and am truly grateful.

April 2017"


"Dear Miss Mukhopadhaya

You performed a myomectomy on me in Dec 2015. Just wanted to say a big thank you. I felt included in the whole process and your warmth helped put me at ease. I am still amazed at how neat my scar is and how little discomfort I have felt. I am healing nicely. Thank you again."

Patient Jan 2016


"Dear Neela, thank you so much for your care and treatment over the last 9 months. I truly believe that our daughter would not be here without your help"!!!

Patient with recurrent miscarriages Feb 2016


"We can't thank you enough for everything you've done to bring about the safe arrival of our son. From the first time that we met you, you showed unerring faith that we would be able to have a family, despite the miscarriages which had left us feeling sad and doubtful. That constant support was felt throughout my pregnancy and I am convinced that your conviction and the prescription was a huge factor in the successful outcome of this pregnancy. With fondest regards"

Patient Oct 2015


"Thank you for everything, we could not have done this without you!'

Patient with recurrent miscarriages Dec 2014 



“I am so very grateful to you for all your support throughout my pregnancy. You have been great; listening and comforting me all the way through"


09/02/14 Patient with infertility



"I am so grateful for looking after me during my myomectomy operation. I had very little pain afterwards and am recovering well. Your kindness and compassion were really appreciated through a worrying period." 


09/03/14; Patient after myomectomy procedure



"You made me and my husband perfectly at home during a complicated delivery. We are so grateful for your reassurance and professional skill throughout the process."


05/12/13; Patient with  infertility and complex fibroids


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