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Invited lectures in 2013- 2021:

November 2020: Ask the Expert, Milton Keynes

September 2020: HRT for GP's, Hertfordshire

September 2020: Resilience in doctors, AICC/RCOG webinar

July 2020: Webinar on PCOS in women in the 40s, international

January 2020: Ultrasound diagnosis of complex ovarian masses AICOG, India

November 2019: HRT in special situations, an update, Hertfordshire

September 2019: RCOG AICC congress India: Recurrent miscarriages

July 2019: HRT conundrum, Hatfield

June 2018: Genetics of Recurrent miscarriages, India

May 2018: Convenor, Part 3 MRCOG OSCE course, Luton and Dunstable University hospital

April 2018: GP talk on HRT


January 2018: Faculty at All India Congress, India

August 2017: Faculty at IRM Chennai, Guest lecture on Endometriosis

July 2017: MRCOG part 1 Dubai

June 2017: RCOG speaker on preterm labour

June 2017: GP talk on HRT Conundrum, Hatfield

March 2017: GP talk on Ectopic pregnancy, Hemel Hempstead

February 2017: MRCOG part 1 Mumbai

January 2017: MRCOG part 1 Dubai

Nov 2016: MRCOG part 2 course India

Nov 2016: Challenges in Recurrent Miscarriages. Guest Lecture at LIFE Conference Bengaluru, India

April 2016: Early Pregnancy and Emergency Gynaecology challenges. Talk for GPs


February 2016: HRT: The new NICE Guidance. Lecture at the Medici Health Centre for GPs


January 2016: Guest Lecture at the All India Congress of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Agra, India. Teenage Pregnancy: a devastating experience


December 2015: GP teaching: HRT: NICE guidance updates. November 2016: MRCOG I (3-day course facilitator) Sri Lankan college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Colombo.


August 2015: Guest Lecture “Menopause and HRT” for lay public audience, Spire Harpenden Hospital


July 2015: Lead Moderator MRCOG 1 revision course Mumbai


March 2015: Guest Lecture at “Female Health day” for GPs on 5th March 2015, Hatfield. HRT: an update for general practitioners.


January 2015: MRCOG revision course Mumbai, India


January 2015: Guest Lecture: AICOG (All India Congress for Obstetrics and Gynaecology) Chennai. India. Is progesterone therapy justified in unexplained recurrent miscarriages?


November 2014: SBK, National symposium on “Developing the Gynaecology Services”Invited lecture on “One stop service in Gynaecology”, Birmingham


October 2014: MRCOG 1 revision course Indonesia, 21st to 24th October


September 2014: Chair for MRCOG 1 faculty development day, RCOG 30th July - 3rd August 2014: Dilemmas, Controversies and challenges in sub-fertility obstetrics & gynaecology, Fourteenth International Conference Chennai, India. Panel Discussion.


July 2014: Chair for MRCOG 1 course RCOG, London.


June 2014: Proact e-initiative on the management of at risk pregnancies. Panel discussion with India via webcast.“Multiple Pregnancy: double trouble”?


April 2014: MRCOG 1 Revision course Kathmandu. Delivered 7 talks.


April 2014: NZ Yuva FOGSI 11-13th, Faridabad, India. “Salvaging the ovary: implications”. Key note lecture.


March 2014: RCOG world congress , India. Panel discussion in obstetrics, lecture on “use and abuse of oxytocin”


January 2014: AICOG conference, India: Co-convenor for the practical obstetrics workshop and guest lecture on “role of imaging in non-tubal ectopics”


November 2013: MRCOG 1 course Shanghai (Nov 2013); 6 lectures


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